Around the web this week

* Ed Felten on Stopgap Security — great pragmatic counsel on securing systems. A constant stream of judicious speedbumps may be a cost effective strategy.
* Blosxom 3.0 alpha available. I continue to find this solution compelling and may switch to it one day. 15K of code for a full featured blogging system.
* Ross Mayfield on making do with less. Startups that start out frugal tend to stay frugal.
* NETI@Home — what a great reuse of the SETI@Home name.
* Dan Bricklin on software licensing. Good thought trail for startups.
* Longhorn Security: Focus on Least Privilege. Man I hope they get this one right. As the article points out, it is nearly useless today to set up a non-admin account on XP because so many apps and utilities break.
* The Google File System.
* Furl. I continue to not get Furl but a lot of people seem to like it. To me, my blog fulfills the same need, but maybe the cacheing feature would be worth something, my blog doesn’t have that feature certainly.
* Searching with A9, vivisimo, kart00. Still a lot of innovation happening in the search space. How durable is Google really? Search is so important, every startup and bigco is going to continue to throw development dollars at the problem.