Gear wishlist

Random collection of hardware that I’d love to pick up:

* via Scott Hanselman, the Quaddisplay from Tiger. Beautiful.
* via PVRBlog, a prebuilt MythTV box (because I am too lazy to build one myself)
* a glowing USB mousepad
* via engadget, a bluetooth wireless surround sound system. I would love to place these around my office and pipe anyone of my PC’s sound to them.
* I’m not a Mac user currently but the idea behind the Sailing Clicker is cool, why can’t every phone do this?
* A Java OS pc from Walmart (via the register). I’m not sure why, I guess just to see the current state of a windows alternative.
* The NEC MobilePro 900C mentioned over at engadget. I’m not sure why, this form factor has always appealed to me.
* A nano-itx machine. Continuing the assault on the tower and mini-tower form factors.
* via Gizmodo, the etymotic earbud.
* OK I can’t buy this yet but I love the idea of a noise-cancelling PC
* and of course, trolling thru the japan importers (list from Martin) always generates a list of things i want to have.

As with software, I just don’t have time to try all this stuff. Installation and config is so time consuming. If these guys all want me to continue to be a healthy consumer of gadget gear, they better be hammering on integration and config features. I want devices that autorecognize all the crap i already have, slot themselves in nicely, grab the right state data from my existing config automagically, and require absolutely minimal cabling.