Magazines: the Cs.

Continuing this year’s magazine reading adventure, my next two reads:

Coastal Living — at its best, this is a nice walkthru of design ideas for waterfront homes. If I was building such a home, I’d buy this mag and peruse it for ideas. At its worst, the magazine seems typical of a magazine created by an industry trying to flog its wares — the magazine is all about encouraging you to buy more stuff, to feel bad about the stuff you have. There were some beautiful places featured in the mag — Casa Morada in the Keys, Shorepine Village in Oregon. Oh and I never knew Hobie Cats were named after a guy named Hobie.

Conservation in Practice — A very pragmatic magazine about conservation. No extremism here — just practical articles on small realistic steps in conservation. An interesting article on Virtual Ecosystems — I guess I’d call this computational ecology. Another article on distributing risk — creating multiple independent habitats for endangered species. Good guide to wise seafood eating at Blue Ocean Institute.[PDF]