Books this week

On the road this week, got a lot of reading done.  Micro reviews here.

Seabiscuit.  Didn’t expect to like. But great story red pollard and seabiscuit. These characters will stick with me for a while — unusual for a nonfiction book.  This is a keeper for the bookshelf.  Now I have to see the movie.

The Eyre Affair.  Fun, fun, fun.  I was immediately compelled to order the next books featuring Thursday Next.  As one of the blurbs says, “Part Bridget Jones, part Nancy Drew, part Dirty Harry.”  Also a keeper for the bookshelf.

Ice Limit.  Throwaway action fiction.  I can’t even remember the characters or main plot points 4 days later.  Something about a hunt for a meteorite that turns out to be bad.  Lots of people die.  The main character lives.  I left this book at the hotel, not worth the bookshelf space.

Quantum Psychology.  Enjoyable.  The first half is a little self-evident if you have tried to grok quantum physics and G?del at any point in your life but still worth reading and reflecting upon — the uncertainty, duality, and relativity that occurs at the quantum level, occurs at the higher level of human consciousness as well.  The last third of the book wanders into incomprehensibility but can any human ever make another human comprehend these ideas, when by definition they are so wrapped up in the viewpoint of the observer?

Black Cross.  Much better action fiction than Ice Limit.  Of course it helps that it has Nazis as the bad guys.  The moral evolution of the two characters as they wander deeper into the situation is compelling and is what sets this book apart from your standard action fiction.