The Believer

My 4th magazine of the year is The Believer.  Literary and arts criticism, waaaaay outside of my comfort zone — I’ve never read a magazine from this genre before so take anything I say with a grain of salt.

I have to admit I enjoyed it thoroughly.  I expected that it would take  itself way too seriously, but I was pleasantly surprised.  One significant theme in the December/January issue was a focus on pop culture, pop literature, pop art.  Somewhat lightweight works, but the articles in the mag brought the full weight of literary analysis to bear.  Very interesting to read deconstruction and criticism of the Sweet Valley High and Nancy Drew series of novels (“the training bras of literature”), a thorough review of the domain of “how to become a novelist” self-help books, an interview discussing the films and music of Ice Cube, an analysis of Howard Cosell.  The mixing of serious analysis with lighter material was entertaining. 

There were weightier pieces too  — on genetic engineering of humans, the relative merits of The Pianist vs Schindler’s List.  I found these less compelling. 

No ads.  I’d buy again.