KVMs with Audio

I’m trying to find a good KVM with Audio for home use. I’ve started with this — Belkin OmniView SOHO Series KVM Switch with Audio, USB and VGA — and while it works largely as promised, it has some real drawbacks. The video and audio switching are fine. But the keyboard/mouse/usb switching is troubled — the box is basically a USB 1.x hub which is switched back and forth between machines. And this creates some problems.

  • it is usb 1.x and not usb 2.0 which creates all kinds of annoying error messages because I have downstream usb 2.0 devices.
  • the usb hub introduces latency in kb/mouse interactions which is at time noticeable in games.
  • the hub just plain drops some kb input — for instance if you hold down the control key for more than 5 seconds, the hub forgets. really bad if you are trying to select a lot of messages in your inbox for instance.

So i can’t recommend this box. I may try the PS2 model and see if it improves the latency and keyboard problems — it may since i think the ps2 switching is just an electrical switching and doesn’t try to get fancy with a usb hub. What I’d really like tho is a usb2.0 based kvm with low latency and no keyboard drops.
Google points toward some usb2.0 kvms but they don’t have audio. Maybe i should just get one of these kvms and have a separate switch for audio?