Boating Magazine

My 3rd magazine of 52 this year. Boating is the largest circulation boating mag in the US — nearly 250,000 paid copies a month, predominantly male, median age 46, middle class. While I don’t normally read this mag, I have at times been a boating nut — I had my first motorboat when I was 7 years old, I had my first boating accident when I was 7 years and 2 days old.

Stream of consciousness: 369 boaters killed in 2001, usually people in the middle of the experience curve with 3-5 years boating 50 hrs a year (hey this is way more dangerous than mad cow, why aren’t we destroying boats?)…advertisement for the boston whaler — my teen years boat, what a great boat…some dude spent 12 days in a diving suit walking the bottom of loch ness, impressive…Schaefer is rated the best cheap beer for a long day in the sun…no surprise here, you can get great deals on marine electronics on ebay…Anchor effectiveness is a function of fluke area, not weight..tilefish is the hot new dish, tastes like lobster…the Multi-Agency Craft Conference sounds way cool, the military boat show: Outboards that run on any fuel (even whiskey) — completely submersible outboard engines for SEAL missions — electrical supply from outboards for boat electronics — bulletproof inflatable RIB boats — shock absorbing decking and seating for human cargo — roostertail-free designs for reduced radar signatures…

Overall a good read. A large variety of boating info, product reviews, color articles, etc.