52 Magazines or Bust

52 magazines or bust (kottke.org) — a great idea, read 52 new and diverse magazines this year, one a week, things that I wouldn’t normally read.

I was overwhelmed at the magazine rack and decided the only way to implement this was to work my way through the alphabet. Magazines starting with the letter “A” the first two weeks, and so on thru the year. So my first pick is Archaeology. Circulation 215,000; fairly well educated. My stream of consciousness on the contents…published by a 125 year old organization, not a johnny-come-lately…they also offer “Dig” magazine for kids with an archaeological bent (seems like a tough sell)…amazing copper-alloy bowl from 2nd-century Roman occupation of Britain…maybe even more amazing 1000BC conical hat from Germany, what were they thinking?…book review of a brief history of the human race, sounds good…an Erich von Daniken themepark???, holy cow…they run some cool trips…a metal detector owner is called a “detectorist”.

OK net/net, this is pop archaelogy for the college educated. A fun read, not too deep. Not sure I could read this every 2 months, there is not a ton of news in this field, but fun to pick up and look at. Completely apolitical, very little opinion content that I could find.