Electric Shoebox — first impressions

Ok I installed Electric Shoebox and I am a little disappointed.

I already have my photos organized into file folders and subfolders. On a network drive so that they are accessible from all the machines in my house. But like every other photo mgmt app, Electric Shoebox wants to import them into a new container hierarchy (shoeboxes and albums). I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS. All of my myriad apps and camera uploaders all know how to deal with file folders, all my pcs can deal with file folders remotely, a new hierarchy scheme is bad bad bad. So for that reason alone I won’t use Electric Shoebox. The fact that its import wizard won’t even allow me to import from network drives, and that the import UI doesn’t seem to handle subfolders, just further makes it useless.

I want the sharing features but I want them to work with just regular file folders. I wish ISVs would get this thru their heads — don’t invent clever new storage hierarchies, the ones we have are fine. Just layer your functionality onto the existing hierarchies. There is no way I am going to adopt your private new hierarchy because no other app or vendor in the world will know what to do with it. Only the big boys like MSFT can push a new storage scheme (for instance WinFS).