Carrying around gigabytes

WERBLOG points to a nickel-sized 1gig drive from Toshiba. I know Adrian is really happy with his usb storage keyfob. I am wondering what the logical endpoint of this trend is. When we can all carry around many gigs of data in a keyfob, along with a lot of MIPs, what will we use it for? It seems like most people today who carry around a lot of storage are either using it as a sneakernet, or as music storage. When i can carry gigs and gigs, will this change? I think the cached music storage scenario is a long term valid scenario. I can also see the cached photo/video collection with viewer — the digital equivalent of a grandma’s brag book — though the viewing surface bloats the size of the device, so maybe i just want a way to get video streams out.
What else will we use a very small, powerful, portable device for? I personally find the need to capture info a lot when I am wandering around — i’d like to grab a upc code for later internet price shopping, or tag a song that is playing for later download, or remember a store/restaurant/location for later blogging, or capture a snippet of audio, or receive a bluetooth business card, etc. Today I whip out the blackberry and type things in, but I wonder if a keyfob-sized device that could capture and store a whole range of audio, rf, and visual input would be useful.