Best Games of the holiday break

We’ve played a lot of games over the holiday. Our grades:

Call Of Duty: A+. Multiplayer incredibly fun, servers easy to connect to, firewalls not a problem. The only real beef is the stupid bunny-hopping behaviour that some players adopt to avoid incoming fire.

Counterstrike: A-. Great multiplayer gameplay. But aged graphics, ridiculously painful downloading required to get up and going, and confusing game lobby behaviour.

Halo for PC. B+. Fun, not a bad way to spend time. But just doesn’t seem to have the same addictiveness of Call of Duty or Counterstrike.

SSX 3. B+. OK we are suckers for snowboarding games. This is a reasonable next version of the SSX line.

XIII. C+. A great idea and a good story line. But incredibly stupid save game behaviour makes the single player missions painful — needless repetition of solved missions is no substitute for real challenge. Oh and the end of level bosses are juvenile, making the game feel like a Mario title.

Hidden and Dangerous 2. C-. A nice looking game, but so realistic that the fun is sapped out of it. Yes I am sure a single shot from that gun would really take me out of commission, but a fun game needs to be a little more forgiving.