Latest PC buying experience

Bought a PC yesterday at PC Club – Where Computer Professionals Go— a mini-ITX form factor box. Right across the street from a CompUSA which I also shopped at. Wow the experience between the two was so different.

At PC Club, the store is a little cr@phole of a store in a strip mall. Spartan interior with gear just laying around everywhere. Handwritten signs everywhere. The staff ignored me until I cornered one. And then they knew exactly what I was talking about and had me out the door in 10 minutes with my purchase.

The CompUSA was the standard glossy CompUSA. Tons of inventory. The staff descended on me. One guy claimed me as his and helped me find the monitor I needed. (I had been in earlier in the day and had asked for mini-ITX systems and gotten a blank look. In fact tho they had two different ones in stock). The guy pushed me hard to get an extended warranty, cutting prices on some minor items I bought, and in fact booking some of my purchase as an extended warranty on speakers — he was trying to win some in-store contest. And checkout took FOREVER because he drug me over to the business center checkout, away from the regular retail checkout, again to win some stupid instore contest. A painful experience.