Cameraphone sales

Reiter’s Camera Phone Report: Camera phones set to be fastest-ever selling consumer product — I am still not a believer. Camera phones are selling well because, well, it is hard to buy a phone without a camera now. It is like saying that modems must be really popular because every PC has one. I just don’t see the usage of camera phones growing at the same rate as their ubiquity — i don’t know that many people who have active moblogs, i don’t get that many pictures (well, i don’t get ANY) sent to me. Maybe I am in the wrong demographic. But to claim somehow that cameraphones are a more impactful consumer product than DVD players is just wrong — look at all the dvd sales, dvd rentals, dvd economic activity, and contrast that with the supporting activity around cameraphones. I can buy DVDs at my grocery store checkout now. I can’t do anything with my cameraphone at any retail outlet.