Best of the OSU-Michigan Rivalry

Here are a bunch of links to get you up to speed on the history of the OSU and Michigan rivalry. The Ann Arbor paper has a nice complete game-by-game countdown tho with a Michigan bent of course. They also have a nice interview with Bo where he recollects some of the highlights. The OSU library hosts a nice comparison site with some statistical highlights. And then a couple of lists of the best games ever, per OSU Alumni vote and per the
Cincinnati Enquirer. For my money, the 1973 tie and the ensuing vote to send OSU to the Rose Bowl, surprising most of the state of Michigan, was the most dramatic game and outcome. I remember leaving the Big House totally deflated, thinking that the Buckeyes would be sitting at home. And then on the drive home, as the news came across the radio, our car and all the cars around us exploding with cheers and honks as the decision was announced.