Halloween status — bit errors in DMX decoders

Tried to fire up all my halloween props last night. Lots of setup errors — the lightning strobe fired when i turned on my tombstone uplights; the tombstone uplights lit when I tried to fire the doghouse fog machine; the doghouse fog machine didn’t ever fire.

After much head scratching I determined that I had some bit errors in the DIP switches controlling DMX settings on the various devices. The doghouse address was off by 2 suggesting that the 2nd switch is shorted, and i never could get the strobe to respond to any programmed address so i turned all the switches off and it responds to its default address, 1. Not surprising that the gear is suffering from 4 years of wet fall weather here. I may need to replace a few items next year.

As of this moment tho, all lighting and effects are functioning — tombstone uplights; haunted tree; several banks of lightning effect lights and strobes; my four fog systems; and my two solenoids for animating my casket.

Also did a lot of pneumatic debugging today. My exploding cauldron is working nicely; my coffin animation is working. I had to take down my air cannon tho — it was WAY too powerful for my intended effect, I would have been driving everyone out of the yard. I need to rethink its use for next year.