Elementary Physics and Pneumatics

Tonight’s Halloween lesson. If you apply 60 PSI to a steel cylinder with a cross section of ~7 square inches, with the intent of opening and closing a coffin; and if you build the coffin out of cheap-ass plywood with wood glue and light screws and with some soft pine fittings to anchor the cylinder at either end, what happens? Well basically your coffin explodes.

Tonight’s excercise was coffin plan B — reconstruct coffin, have the pneumatic cylinder push off ground at one end and against the coffin lid at the other end, allowing that end to float freely against the lid.

Oh this was on top of my lesson sunday night which was “What happens if you apply 120v AC to a 24v DC solenoid valve?” Well the solenoid works for a little while…then it magically isn’t a solenoid any more. Good thing my solenoid valves came in a gang package of 7 — two to burn out, one to break a fitting in, leaving 4 that actually work!