Watching the re-invention of the music business

We live in fascinating times. The channel for recorded music is collapsing. JD’s New Media Musings points to Moby’s advice for the music industry, all good points. I am especially intrigued by his counsel to stop spending large sums to produce music and videos. As music prices drop, it would seem like we’ll have to get back to fairly raw recordings with very little production, and videos will either have to get very simple, or alternatively will be funded in other ways — by advertisers, as part of going to a movie, etc.

Personally I think this is all good, we get back to music for the sake of music. The funding for all the other ancillary “value-add” activities around the music is just going to dry up. 100 years ago there was no recorded music industry — you went out and listened to artists if you wanted music. It would not be terrible if we ended up listening to more live music.