Recent Reads

Welcome to Hard Times by E.L. Doctorow. My first Doctorow, recommended by my friend Tim. Great tale, no good deed goes unpunished, and boy is the central figure punished in this story. Replay by Ken Grimwood. Read again based on several recommendations. An introspective and very human look at a classic scifi theme — what would you do if you could live your life again? Year’s Best Science Fiction: Twentieth Annual Collection is another good effort from Gardner Dozois. These collections are routinely good, and his annual review of sci fi publishing activity is always interesting and a source of potentially good reads. Finally, The Horned Man by Lasdun. I am just halfway thru, but this is a great story. Some of the blurbs compare it to Poe, the story itself references Kafka, a very compelling tale so far of a man in the grips of either a conspiracy or some dementia.