Bucket of Links

Broadcast Builder — let’s you build RSS feeds, might be fun.

Argali — app for searching multiple YP sources at one

Rss in My Yahoo — I’ve seen several pointers to this, kind of cool

Auth based on typing patterns — cool tho I want it to work in reverse — by default let anyone onto my system but throw them out after a couple minutes if their pattern is unknown

SpamBayes — I wish there were more server-side solutions so that my bberry didn’t get so much spam

Spam Fights Back — but then maybe Bayesian filtering is going to fail when faced with polymorphic spam

Universal cutting CD prices — hallelujah

CMU building sense into cellphones — nice to see someone trying to make the phone a better phone, rather than adding all kinds of other useless features

Decompilation and copyrights — a nice primer

CSS sucks — time to replace my browser-safe colour palette with my browser-safe CSS palette

DVD burning software — good list — ridiculous that it takes 7 pieces of software to acceptably move taped content to a dvd

Blogstreet — the swiss army knife for blogs

Writings on warfare — thanks rich

File sharing utilities — more great links from rich

Blueberry tips — from rich — seems like some real problems here