Letter from Ohio State AD Andy Geiger

Letter from OhioState AD Andy Geiger received today, probably sent to the entire alumni association:

Dear Ohio State Football Fan,

Will any of us ever forget the thrills of the 2002 Football Season and the Buckeyes’ triumphant journey to the Fiesta Bowl and the National Championship? An unprecedented fourteen victories. Thrillingly close games. Individual and collective heroics that carried Ohio State to the very top of college football. Most of all, I treasure the sportsmanship, teamwork, and integrity our team demonstrated along the path to success.

Regrettably, other aspects of last season won’t soon be forgotten either. All season, we witnessed and received letters, email, and phone calls telling us of the vulgarity, rudeness, poor sportsmanship — even vandalism — exhibited by some Ohio State “fans.” These people chose a most unfortunate way of “supporting” our team — with a lack of respect for our opponents, for fellow Buckeye fans, and for themselves. They spoiled the day for many.

Unfortunately, we live in a time when the put-down, trash-talking and humiliation have become part of the entertainment and sports culture. This is not the Ohio State way. Not now, not in the past, and certainly not in the future.

Our student-athletes are expected to be role models as representatives of The Ohio State University and I support this notion. However, I believe everyone associated with the University has the same responsibility to make a positive presentation to this community, and to our visitors, any time we host an event.

This season, I am asking for your help. Please let us know of any incidents you witness — or any indignities you suffer personally — either at Ohio Stadium or at an away game. Help us identify those who inflect their poor behaviour on others.
Our Department of Athletics has adopted six fundamental values that our coaches, student-athletes, and support staff strive to live by. They are: Education, Integrity, Excellence, Innovation, Respect for the Individual, Leadership.

I urge you, as a member of the Ohio State community, to embrace these core values. You will contribute to making The Ohio State University the very best in everything we do. And, you will help us make our events friendly, wholesome and welcoming for our opponents, their fans, and of course our own Buckeye family.

Cheer heartily for our Buckeyes. Rejoice in the essence of intercollegiate athletics, which allows us to send our sons and daughters into competition with their sons and daughters. But, remember that the great rivalries we enjoy in the Big Ten are built upon a tradition of trust and cooperation. This, tos is worthy of celebration!


Andy Geiger

Director of Athletics

My take: It is great that the University sent this out. It is a fine first step, and the fact that it did not come bundled with an appeal for money gives it more weight. I hope the University sends this message out 4-5 more times during the season, repetition will help.