Camera phones, p2t, bluetooth projections

Satoshi points to a survey of expected buying behaviour in the US — Satoshi’s Wireless Weblog: User Interface is an Art: Camera phones in US — lots of people want camera phones and p2t.
Colour me dubious. I had a p2t phone for years and after a burst of initial activity i quit using it, it just wasn’t that much more convenient than a regular phone call. And I’m on my third camera phone and i hardly ever use the camera. The pictures suck and it is too hard to do anything useful with them. Sure, the pictures will get better, but so will those of my regular digital camera, there will still be a gap. and it will get easier to send and blog the pictures. but geez, i just wish the phone was better at being a phone. better at syncing my address book with my desktop. not dropping so many damn calls. better coverage. easier call history use. all these other non-phone features are just clutter.