Basic Lighting Tip

From Yahoo! Groups : MethodzOfMadness, the basic lighting tip for the day: Instead of lighting an area with a solid color, try lighting it with more than one color from different angles to give the same effect. He used the color blue as an example. Lighting an area in blue to simulate moonlight tends to wash out everything. I know this, since I’ve done it in my haunted yard every Halloween. It makes it very hard to read epitaphs and just seems to make everything blurry. Instead, the article suggested using 2 different light sources, each with a color on either side of the color wheel from blue: cyan and magenta. The combination of the 2 gives the same blue effect, but with interesting shadows, where one color shines but the other doesn’t. I’m going to try it this year, assuming I can find some outdoor lights in cyan and magenta!
And: Generally you would use a white light with a color gel. Gel is available in a
couple hundred colors and can be purchased at your local Theatrical Supply
Company. If you must use a colored bulb, Satco (A light bulb manufacture) has about a
dozen different colored flood lights. Most hardware stores or Electrical
supply places should be able to order then for you in case quantities (usually