Mini PCs

Lots of options starting to show up for mini-PCs — Tom’s Hardware Guide PCs & HowTo: The Mailman Has Arrived: Four Mini-PCs on the Test Bench – Summary: Design or Practical Value – No Barebone System Has It Allthe future of the PC lies in the compact form along with high performance and universal interfaces. The computer should do its job virtually noise-free and, above all, be based on a thermal concept. Operational convenience and ergonomics are a must, as are quality appearance and aesthetics. The mini-PC of the near future will compete with the low-cost notebook; the traditional, chunky metal PC in the form of a container on wheels will at best be confined to the shadows. I’m waiting until someone has a design that really cuts down on heat generation/power waste.

Update — Rich has had some trouble with his Shuttles but also loves the form factor. But the heat is a remaining problem — I have a room with 5 PCs running in it and the heat is terrible. I would go to a mobile CPU or maybe even blades if I could, I have to get rid of the waste heat problem.