Letters to a Young Contrarian

Most books I read I donate to the library or goodwill, as I think I’ll never look at them again. Some books I keep at home on the bookshelf because I think I may want to look at again, or I may want to refer someone else to. A very few each year I put on the bookshelf in a special place where I will remember its location immediately. And then just once every couple of years have I been motivated to immediately go order some extra copies of a book and send immediately to people.

Letters to a Young Contrarian by Christoper Hitchens is in the last category. A great book. I immediately ordered copies and sent to my young relatives. Great, wise counsel on how to live a principled, thoughtful life and not just get drawn into the crowd. And the style chosen makes the material very accessible, despite the many references to sometimes unfamiliar material. Every young ambitious person out to make their mark on the world should read this book.