Harmony SST-768 Remote

I received my new Harmony Remote last night.

This has real promise. Excepting my RCA Scenium DVD/PVR combo, the website knew all my devices. and it had a reasonable guess for the dvd. So getting a working config gen’ed up for my system was quite simple and painless.

The infrared emitter seems to have a nice wide field, I don’t have to be super exact on pointing it towards my stack of gear.

The activity based commands work great so far. When I tell the device I want to watch tv, it turns on my amp, monitor, and dss/tivo box automagically.

The on-remote channel listing and program guide doesn’t seem to be that valuable, i have to play with it more. And I haven’t yet played with all the tivo-specific scenarios — set up a recording, watch something from my hard disk, etc.

But so far I am liking it. And unlike the pronto, I can see my family using this control, they like hard buttons.