cd30 Network MP3 Player

I installed the cd30 network mp3 player today. i’ve been playing around with for an hour or so now.

What to like: well it is nice being able to listen to all my music at my stereo location. no more dragging cds around.

What not to like: the interface doesn’t work very well for a 1000+ artist collection like mine. there is no visual interface, just a remote and voice prompts. the remote permits tegic/t9 style entry of artist names and album names so you can get around ok, but there is no visual feedback at all, just voice response, so it is pretty tedious to get thru a large collection.

Also, I could not get the 802.11 link to work. I probably had the wrong ssid or wep settings. or actually the more i think about it, our 802.11 net is outside our firewall, while my cd30 server is inside the firewall, so i probably had firewall problems. whatever, it didn’t work.

Like with the hp media receiver, to get the best out of this device, i need to go author playlists explicitly for the device so that it is easy to navigate my content.