Aftermarket Car Audio

I’ve never purchased any aftermarket car audio products but I am getting really interested in solutions that would let me listen to my entire ripped cd collection in the car. I picked up CarAudio magazine this week to start to understand the market. The PhatBox is one cool product for transporting 20G of music out to the car. The Kenwood Music Keg looks like the other generally available solution. The OmniFi from Rockford is another choice, it seems to have some wifi link so that maybe you don’t have to actually physically connect the hard disk in the car to your PC.

Now what I really want tho is just something that will connect my ipod to my car, both charging it and routing the audio out into the car stereo. I don’t need yet another 20gig hard disk with my songs on it, the ipod is just fine. And i am happy to use the ipod UI to tune things in. There are some solutions for hooking up ipods to your car system (for example see this one) but they all seem to use FM as the transport into the car stereo, I want something that connects up with wires for a higher fidelity experience.

It’d be nice if my car just had an aux/rca input jack so i could play any audio content thru the car speakers and amp.