Pneumatic Circuit Software

Pneumatic Circuit Software. I’m trying to find some software to help me calculate loads, capacities, latencies in pneumatic circuits. Up at they have lots of pointers to various packages but they seem more academic and less engineering-oriented, or they are expensive industrial control packages. Automation Studio looks pretty cool actually — but there is no price listed, you have to contact them for a quote, that means $$$$$. Autocad has pneumatic symbols but it doesn’t look to me like it does the calculations (and I don’t want to pay that much). Nothing on, nothing on There must be some cheapo package somewhere that universities use — couldn’t find much tho at the UW fluid mechanics course site. I guess I have to calculate my Halloween circuits by hand — I am going to have 10 loads of various sorts with various duty cycles, I was hoping for some software that would calculate reservoir tank needs and compressor size needed based on input configuration, duty cycles, cylinder sizes, etc.

Fluidraw is another option I just found. Seems to be more a drawing package tho than an analysis package. But a good site on pneumatics.