PMA 2003 Software announcements.

PMA 2003 Software announcements. A quick review of these — Minolta Messenger lets you add hotspots to photos, an idea we were kicking around yesterday. Not sure it is worth a whole separate app! Adobe Album gets lots of press — I hear it blows chunks on large data sets. Preclick gets some nice press, I am downloading now. It is pretty fast at importing my pictures (about 2000). And it is very fast navigating thru photos — this may win the speed war! but it has very limited org tools, it is just a reflection of what folders you have created in the filesystem, and then you can add ratings to photos. it has a fast search feature but i think it only searches on titles. and has an “autofix” feature as its only real editting tool — i kind of like the simplicity here. Qimage is supposed to be a killer printing program for photos — looks kind of geeky. Ulead announced its latest — I’ve never been overwhelmed with Ulead product quality but worth looking at I guess.