My picture hardware

My Picture Hardware. Someone reading my blog recently asked me what kind of photo hardware I use.

i am not a photo enthusiast. i am just a dad who wants a modest number of pictures. i don’t want to learn about f-stops, shutter speeds, exposures, etc. my ideal camera has one button. so given that…

i currently use 3 cameras — 2 still, 1 video. (i don’t count the panasonic gd87 phone as one of these). For everyday stills, I use the casio exilim — 2megapixel. very small, long long battery life. i use it alot because it is easy to slip in a pocket. it has crappy optics, digital zoom — a real photo geek would sneer at it. but it is useful. I also have a kodak dx4900. better optics than the casio, 4 megapixel, really easy download to pc, and easy to recharge. battery life kind of sucky tho. and too big to carry around all the time. But C likes the pictures better.

for printing drafts, i use an hp color laserjet. for final prints i use shutterfly. i tried all kinds of printers, and a) C was never happy with the prints, b) the printers were very finicky and slow, and c) the consumables were so expensive. once i moved to a service, C was happy, and it was less hassle for me.

For video i use a canon gl1. kind of expensive but takes great movies and corrects for a lot of my flaws. I don’t understand what even 10% of the buttons on this camera do.