Migrating to a new PC

Migrating to a new PC. Installed a new PC last night and migrated all my apps, settings, and docs off the old using Alohabob. Pretty much without a hitch, this is a real timesaver. The only hurdle I hit was Office, which complained that machine configuration had changed substantially, and that I needed to insert my CD and reactivate. So I had to find the freakin’ CD and screw around with activation. The new PC came with corel’s wordperfect and quattro pro, I kind of wonder why I even need to screw around with office anymore. Certainly I won’t be buying new Office licenses or upgrades for my home pc’s in the future, it is just too expensive to use on a home network. Openoffice or corel or something else will have to do.

OK problem 2 with the migration. Printers didn’t move over at all. I have to re-setup my printers on the new machine. bummer.