Controlling my pneumatic solenoids

Controlling solenoids. As i plan my pneumatic system, I need some way to control my solenoids. I am thinking about possibly a midi-based system, and need a device that converts midi wiring/protocol to the 12/24v required by most solenoids. Mediamation seems to make such gear. Another one from Laserium tho it only support signals up to 10V. The Gilderfluke Servo controller or analog brick may do the trick, but using DMX digital input instead of MIDI — but this is ok, my control software is native DMX anyway — I have email into gilderfluke requesting advice.

Update: nice mail from the gilderfluke folks:Are your valves analog or digital (just on off)? If they’re analog, then, yes, you are correct. The BR-ANA card will fit the bill. If they’re digital, either the MultiBrick32 or our Zbricks would do nicely. I recommend the more expensive MultiBrick 32 because it has a microprocessor that is able to filter out the occasional bad packet of DMX. If your application doesn’t have a critical need to prevent the occasional “hiccup” (1 or 2 frames worth) and the valves are digital, then the Z-Bricks are a very cost effective solution.

Another DMX alternative is a Dove Analog Dimmer. I use Dove dimmers now for my 120V and 240V gear (lighting and fog systems) and I have been happy with their sturdiness. $795 for the unit I want.