Miserable experience with Alienware

Miserable experience with Alienware. I have nearly begged Alienware to take my money for a new machine. After nearly a month trying to get them to take my money, I give up. Because I wanted to ship the machine to my office, while my credit card bills go to my home address, they required a fax of my driver’s license (why I don’t know). I faxed it to them 4 times over two days as two different people called me to complain that they couldn’t read the expiration date. I zoomed the license and toned down the contrast so that the expiration date was as visible as possible. I thought they were happy and I went away on vacation. I got back after two weeks and — no machine. I contacted them and they said they still couldn’t read the license and are still waiting for me to fax me a new one, though they hadn’t bothered to call me. In this time of course a credit card charge could have cleared but no, that apparently isn’t good enough for them, somehow a faxed copy of a driver’s license is the key to their entire system. Today I gave up, I’ll order from someone else.