Server-based RSS aggregators

Server-based RSS aggregators. Evan believes that RSS aggregation should move to the server and we will all want to read our news thru web pages. Dave thinks not, thinks that desktop software will rule. I think the truth may lie in a new middle. I like desktop software — it gives great personal control, I can try it out with disrupting any IT staff, I don’t have to trust my data to any external service. But there are shortcomings — I use 5 different machines, all behind different combinations of firewalls/nats, I can’t always get to the aggregated news on my machine. As I get more and more hooked on my aggregator I want to be able to move it to a more accessible and reliable machine.

This is very like the blackberry adoption cycle in our office. 2-3 of us got blackberries and all started out using the desktop redirector. We didn’t need to make any changes to our servers, we didn’t need permission from anyone, etc. But as we got hooked, and started to struggle with the shortcomings of the desktop redirector, it became obvious that we should buy the blackberry server software and install it. Perhaps this is the evolution path for aggregators (and other types of software that you will want to access from many locations).