Fiesta Bowl

Fiesta Bowl. What an experience. The first Ohio State game ever for our kids, they will never forget it. A few highlights of our trip:

  • the band, as always, was amazing. the drum major was outstanding, how does anyone move a baton that way? and all-brass makes such a difference in sound.
  • osu fans outnumbered miami fans 10 to 1. It was like a home game. The stadium was half full 90 minutes before the game, started cheering a half hour before the game, and never let up. We stood the entire game. We were on the “miami” side of the stadium, which meant that miami fans were only outnumbered about 4 to 1.
  • the setting was beautiful. Nestled in between two hills, desert sunset, perfect temperature. Fireworks after every score. We had great seats on the 35. While the facility is dated, it was a great place to see the game, and it is kind of a shame they are moving in the future to the cardinals’ stadium.
  • most of the miami people we met were great. Very into the game and very knowledgeable. Very respectful tho a teensy bit overconfident — but who wouldn’t be with miami’s record of success.
  • every waiter, retail sales clerk we met claimed to be from some town in ohio. Yeah right. But I am sure it helped their tips.
  • the overtimes were surreal. Time seemed to slow down. Each play took a half hour to play out. They are all etched in our minds. When osu was on defense the place was wild with cheering. No one panicked when miami thought they won, everyone saw the flag fly.
  • the miami folks around us were all a little taken aback by halftime. They’ve not run into a program like ohio state. The fans, the nonstop cheering, the band, the intensity of play — it was all beyond their experience. I am guessing that the Big East just doesn’t measure up to the Big 10 in tradition, fan intensity, or intensity of play.
  • for me, the signature plays were when clarett wrestled the ball back on the interception, and when we drove in for our touchdowns on qb sneaks. Clarett’s play just demonstrated the intensity and focus of the team — he was NOT going to let miami get away with an interception. and the touchdown plays were classic smashmouth football — everyone knew exactly what play was going to be run, it was just team against team, player against player.
  • lastly, our thoughts are with mcgahee, we hope he recovers fully. very sad for him to get knocked out of the game with a tough looking injury.