Sun Whining

Sun Whining. Agree with folks like Sam. The real problem for Sun is that they have not created any reason for anyone to care if Java is bundled with desktop machines. If my brand spanking new Dell came with a Java VM, would I as a consumer care? What would make use of it that I find interesting? There is no reason for me to demand a Java VM, there is no reason for OEMs to want to bundle one. If Sun had made it compelling, it would be easy for them to end-run MSFT and get OEMs to bundle the right VM — they bundle software all the time — look at all the shovelware that comes on new machines.

I do want my machine to come with CD burning software, with DVD burning software, with picture capture software. I’d be interested in a machine that came with all the right blogging software to let me easily create blogs and photoblogs. But Java? What does it do for me as an end user?