Shared Browsing. I have been

Shared Browsing. I have been using the Application Sharing feature of MSN Messenger a lot recently. It is a great homework and college app tool, we can sit together and look at online apps, or at various homework searches. But there are some things I hate about it. A, it is such overkill. Tons of code loads and then the entire app window gets scraped, rendered into some protocol, and sent remotely, where a ton of code on the other machine receives and rerenders. B, it is so squirelly. All kinds of paint problems on the receiving end — Windows just doesn’t seem that happy with this crazy idea. C, the interface is absolutely unintelligible. I only understand it because, well, I used to manage the team. My kids think it is the goofiest software. I can’t even imagine explaining it to my dad.

I’d like a simpler, lighter-weight solution. The data I really need to pass between machines is just the URL, cookie data, and some SSL data i think. Looking for solutions on the web — ezWebCar — hmm doesn’t handle ssl, maybe for good reasons. But makes it useless for college apps. Talisma has a product which handles SSL but seems enterprise focused. There are other enterprise focused solutions floating around too like Wicom. Then there are classroom focused solutions like webwisdom. But way heavier than I need.

Maybe I should go lower-tech and just use a combo of KVM boxes and splitters to share the screen. Probably would be more robust than all the software solutions.