Multiple PCs in the Home

Multiple PCs in the Home. Something I am starting to wonder about lately — I originally thought that the emergence of multi-PC homes would be a huge boon for Microsoft. And in the short term it is. But long term I wonder. The more PCs I have in my home, the more driven I am to get data off the PCs and get it centralized on servers. With a clean self-descriptive data format so that the data is usable from any PC. And get devices off individual PCs and get them on the net so they are usable from anywhere. And move to very lightweight apps that are easy to deploy and manage on all the PCs. And move to cheap apps since I can’t afford Office licenses for all my machines. In the long run, it seems like this will all play more to appliance vendors, to other device providers, and to alternative app providers, more than it will play to Microsoft.