FTP Clients for Windows

FTP Clients for XP. I have been limping along using the native support in XP for FTP but I am ready to buy something. The shell support in XP seems so flakey, particularly when I have a couple FTP windows open. I need something that lets me have a couple windows open, sometimes pointed at the same FTP site but different directories. With an explorer view. Download.com data suggests WS_FTP or SmartFTP.

WS_FTP, FTPx — just installed WS_FTP. It seems robust but doesn’t really provide the explorer view I need — it doesn’t help me copy files from one FTP site to another for instance. Anita recommended FTPX and I just downloaded and tried this. MUCH better. the tree interface is nice. still doesn’t seem to fully permit drag and drop between two FTP windows but I suspect I can live with.

SmartFTP. Finally tried this. Wow this one I really like. Very robust tree operations, very easy to drag/drop files across FTP folders. The best of the bunch so far.