Corporate Holiday Cards

Corporate Holiday Cards. I am starting to receive holiday greeting cards from companies and business associates, as I do every year. I am sure my own firm will send some out. Call me cold and unfeeling, but I won’t be sending any out to business partners and associates.

I don?t personally feel a warm connection with a firm when I receive these ? I know that someone somewhere just had their admin machinery crank them out. The sincerity is not there. And it costs time and money that we could all put to better use. Occasionally I do get a very personal greeting that someone sends out, those are different and I respect those.

But if you are a business partner of mine, take this as your greeting, and know that instead of spending time and money sending out cards, I’ll be spending a little more time on business issues that matter, a little more time with loved ones, spending a little less money on expenses, and spending a little more helping out those who really need help this holiday season. Happy Holidays!