VCs and Blogs

VCs and Blogs. I am pretty proud of the fact that Ignition has to be the leading VC when it comes to blog usage. Between my main site, my Halloween site, Tong’s personal site and geek site, and soon to come Zagula, Adrian, Steve, and Michelle, we have to be the most aggressive users of blogs in the VC community.

Probably goes back to our Microsoft training with its “dogfooding” mentality — if you expect customers to use this stuff, you better be willing to use it yourself. Tho Adrian is not a ‘soft alum and he has the same mentality — he led half of Ignition in building their own 802.11 cantennas!

I am proud of the fact that we are hands on and experimental. Shows through in the kinds of companies we invest in and how we work with them. And makes us much more able to do our job — Tong and I can do a much better job on software due diligence, having screwed around with PHP and Perl and MySQL and ASP ourselves.