CDs and streaming audio. Very interesting digital sound players — rack mounted, solid state media, amps built in — Welcome to Gilderfluke. Here is one person’s reco for mixer/dist setup Yahoo! Groups : MethodzOfMadness Messages :Message 295 of 597. Yahoo! Groups : MethodzOfMadness Messages :Message 298 of 597

As for other sound, I really like the Eletech boards. They take a compact flash card, so programming is done in wave files on your PC and downloaded to the card. Then it is placed in the board. The boards have built-in amplifiers. I ran my opening room using a Gilderfluke MiniBrick-8 and a stereo Eletech board. It puts out 40 watts a side at 4 ohms. I ran the output to two 8 ohm speakers in parallel and got plenty of sound to fill the room. And the quality is 16-bit 44khz, so you’d have a hard time coming up with anything clearer.