Outward Bound Auction

Outward Bound Auction. Went to the Outward Bound “Black Tie and Tennies” event last nite. What a hoot! Standard men’s attire — jacket and tie up top, shorts and hiking boots below. As soon as we got there, we all got harnesses and helmets. And for the first two hours, we were flying through the Convention Center on the zipline, rapelling down the walls, navigating rope bridges above the dining room, etc. Just great fun — it is hard to be stuffy when you are wearing a harness and helment, and people are flying over your head on the zipline screaming. Following the fun we had the standard silent auction, dinner, and live auction, proceeds to beneift the Outward Bound scholarship program. Just a great time, highly recommended. L. and I scored some great gear in the grab bag portion of the auction and we met great people of course.