ipod for Windows

ipod for Windows. Brad got one of these and loves it — i got one of these recently and finally got around to setting it up. easy to set up — i was already using musicmatch and that’s what it uses too with an ipod plugin. what a cool device. i got it with 20GB, which is supposedly enough for like 4000 songs. now i can take my entire music library with me wherever i go. i bought it direct from apple and it came within a couple days. a great xmas present. Personally I don’t totally get it. My music library is 10000+ songs, well over 20G, so i can’t take my whole library with me. I’m not sure how to decide what to take. And the idea of hauling my data around is odd to me, i’d rather just stream it up from my server to anyplace I am. But maybe it is time to try it out.