How Many Megapixels

How Many Megapixels. So I saw yesterday that kodak is introducing a 14 Megapixel camera for prosumers. Wow. I remember when a guy in a camera store told me “you’ll never need more than 3 megapixels”. Yeah, just like I will never need more than 16K of RAM…

I started to wonder about the logical limit to megapixel growth in cameras. Will we want 100 megapixel cameras? Gigapixel cameras? Terapixel cameras?

Well some quick internet searching tells me that the demand for cameras in the gigapixel range will happen in our lifetime. It is pretty easy to find discussions today on the net of people needing cameras approaching 100 megapixels. For great resolution prints at 11×14, you can chew up pixels fast. I think average people will do this.

And bleeding edge people are talking about gigapixel cameras — for instance NASA mission planning and people researching petabyte database scaling (again astronomy images).

Will average joes like me want to have a gigapixel camera? My guess is yes or something close to it. I am betting we will all want to eventually have digital photos with at least the resolution of today’s film. And per some discussions on various photo sites, that means we will want 400Megapixel+ cameras for images with the resolution (pixel, color, and intensity) of film.

My gut says we won’t stop there but that will be a topic for a later post…