Buckeyes 23, Illini 16

Buckeyes 23, Illini 16. Wow, what a stressful game. After beating Purdue on a 4th quarter hail mary last week, I expected the Buckeyes to come out this week charged up to show the world what they were really made of.

Instead, they went for degree of difficulty points. “It’s not enough to win at the last minute in the 4th quarter. Let’s drag this thing into overtime and see if we can still win.”.

But a win is a win. 12-0 is a pretty rare place to be, regardless of how we got there. Early in the season the buckeyes seemed to wear teams down. Their superior size and athleticism and depth would wear teams out midway thru the 3rd. That isn’t happening anymore. I wonder if the long season is taking a toll.

Bring on the wolverines!