Big game turns into big mess

Ohio State “Fans”. Kevin is upset about the amoral and dangerous actions of some people in Columbus celebrating the Ohio State win. It upsets me too. The university has spoken out, Coach Tressel should speak out against if he hasn’t, and the players should as well.

I don’t think this behaviour is unique to Columbus — I am sure that, had Michigan won, some people would have taken the opportunity to misbehave in Detroit — some of the citizenry there have proven themselves to be adept at misbehaving every year around Halloween. And I note that of the 49 arrests so far, only 7 are students, and hopefully the bulk of the misdeeds will be seen to have been done by people not associated with the University.

But everyone should be made accountable for their actions, and the University and the members of the football program should be very vocal in denouncing this behaviour.