BCS Rankings

The Buckeyes Get No Respect. Also entitled Sportswriters can’t do math. Re: CBS.SportsLine.com – Third spot in BCS up for grabs

There is little doubt that Miami (9-0) and Ohio State (11-0) will be 1-2 in some order in the BCS after Oklahoma lost to Texas A&M. It’s most likely that Miami will be No. 1 in the BCS, because it is a virtual certainty that the Hurricanes will be No. 1 in both human polls.

Miami had a 1.5 point advantage on OSU in the BCS rankings last week, as OSU was rated 3rd in both polls and Miama averaged 1.5 (1 in one poll, 2 in the other). Despite this 1.5 point advantage, OSU was #1 in the BCS. This week the spread will drop to a 1 point advantage for Miami (as Miami and OSU are 1-2 in both polls), yet everyone is claiming OSU will drop to #2. Actually I believe OSU’s lead in the BCS will increase this week.

CNNSI is even worse: CNNSI.com – Game Central – College Football

Third-ranked Ohio State, which won in thrilling, comeback fashion at Purdue, will likely move up to No. 2 in the BCS standings.

I don’t think OSU will move up to #2 because THEY WERE ALREADY #2.