Rats. One of my Halloween displays will be a cage of rats. The cage door will rattle every once in a while and a little burst of fog will come out of the central den. There will be a sign above the den — “Ben” — referring back to the movie Willard I saw as a kid. Amazingly I find they are doing a remake of Willard. I still remember the night I saw it first — at a drive-in — a triple feature — I forget the first show — then came Willard — followed by some creepy Dr Phibes movie. My sister and I were wrapped up in blankets in the back of the station wagon watching. I am pretty sure I fell asleep part way thru Willard. But it obviously left an impression on me, I remember the night well. Drive-ins are a lost treasure.

Anyway back to the display. I’ll have a creepy squealing sound coming from the cage too. I tried various rodent squeals but they are too high pitched to be creepy and loud — all the energy gets dissipated as high frequency, not enough volume or rumble. A pig squeal comes out great tho.