Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby. Helping my son build a boat for science class, I started reminiscing about a similar project from my youth. My Pinewood Derby entry — I slaved over it, with only help from my dad on the powertools. My car looked terrible, it was basically a box with lead weights attached, spray-painted gold. Clearly some of the other kids were way more skilled than me, or had had substantial parental help. But despite looks, I came in second that day, which was pretty exciting. I won a pen and pencil set which was way cooler than the first place prize, a canteen.

Gosh knows why I remember this day with such clarity. Clearly it had a big impression on me. In some way I was really proud of the achievement. And there is something primal about working with your dad on a project like this. I hope my son has the same memories. Obviously a lot of people care a lot about the Pinewood Derby — a lot of info up on Google about.